South Africa is regarded by those who discovered her as the world's best-kept secret. Our country with its beautiful wildlife, diverse environment, and kaleidoscope of people is an unpolished jewel. We boast with some of the best first-world standards and technology in all spheres of life in Africa.

Come, see and experience the lifestyles and rich cultures of our people.

Dance with warriors of yesteryear, in a village in the heart of the Zulu Kingdom. Visit the small village of Qunu in Transkei, birthplace of President Nelson Mandela. Walk in the Garden of Eden and Nature's Valley and find out why it is named the Garden Route.

Sir Francis Drake, English navigator who conducted his voyage of discovery around the world in the Golden Hind in 1580 passed the Cape of Good Hope on June 18 . In the journal of his voyage he wrote.

Our forefathers, the first true people of Southern Africa, the San (Bushmen) roamed the African plains and mountains and enjoyed the abundance of game and fruits of nature for centuries. Their lives and history are recorded in a visual story depicted in the finest rock art, unequalled elsewhere on earth. Experience the thrill and excitement to 'hunt' the Big Five (lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, and elephant) with discardable or zoom lens cameras in the Pride of Africa, The Kruger National Park. Observe game and African wildlife in their natural environment.

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See the world in one country. See the Cape at her best in our secret season from June to November when the whales are back to breed, to mate and to entertain us. Frequent travellers who discovered the Cape marvels at her beauty. We invite you to come and experience this natural kaleidoscope of unpolished jewels first-hand. This Mammoth Garden Route takes you on an unforgettable 10-day journey, which will be imprinted in your heart and soul forever.

Nowhere else in the world will you experience a country so diverse and rich in people, culture, history, flora and fauna. From the mammoth elephants of the forests to the mammoth whales and sharks of the oceans. The skills and experiences of both parties add a special personal flavour to Geometric Tours. We offer reliable, safe and friendly eco - and people-friendly tours in the Cape, Western Cape and South Africa.

Worcester, capital of the Breede River Valley (Broad River Valley) is surrounded by impressive mountains and verdant valleys. It is the main gateway to the north on the N1 and cannot be missed. Depart Cape Town early along the N1.

Amazing vacation in South Africa

South Africa is a land of many wonders. Every tourist that comes here dreams of returning again and again to indulge in the many marvelous attractions that this country has to offer. A single visit here is never enough to cover the whole spectrum of spectacular landscapes, rich history, fascinating traditions and amazing people. Here are just a few things that you should not miss when traveling here.

Wildlife and Safari – South Africa has many cities with a booming nightlife and exciting cultural events. However, what really attract most of the visitors here are the well-preserved patches of nature where many species of animals and birds are protected from hunters and poachers. Safaris organized in these regions will leave you overwhelmed by the beauty of nature and the sheer understanding that everything comes together in a natural way. It is always exciting to travel alone in these trips, but not as great as it is when you are joined by a lovely lady you have previously met on Live Sex Cams. These websites are not as wild as the South African national parks, but they will fill you with the excitement of meeting other adults who are looking for fun and new experiences. If you are scared to go on the safari trip, you can at least stay in your room on Live Sex Cams and enjoy some kinky flirts with women from all over the world.

Nightlife in the big cities – Not everybody is a nature person. Some even ignore the plants and trees that grow in the cities. These are the people that are enthusiastic about every night they get to go out and party for hours in clubs from Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban. The nightlife here is spectacular to say the least. People from every corner of the world come here to spend their vacation and attend parties where famous musicians and DJ’s make their presence well-known.

These events are also frequented by sexy young ladies who look to meet easy-going partners. However, if you find these parties to be too tiring or expensive, you can always retreat to your hotel room and hang out on Live Sex Cams. Women just as wonderful join these online portals to have fun and chat with strangers, away from the noisy nightclubs. In some cases, Live Sex Cams can actually help you find South African local girls easier than if you were to roam from club to club until the breaking hours of dawn.

History and culture – You might be at that stage in your life when your interest for cultural entertainment is higher than the one for wild safaris or gruesome hangovers. In this case, your trip in South Africa will not be a failure. Here you can find plenty of historical sites, museums and art galleries that will offer you the proper insight of South African culture. A visit to a museum of natural science will teach you about animals just as much as a safari trip will do, while visiting an art exhibition can present you with the chance of meeting some of the local artists and craftsmen.

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